A Shiny New Website

I have to start this post with a massive thanks for your online patience over the last year (or maybe more…?)

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I am COMPLETELY rubbish at all things tech. I was definitely born a few decades too late- for fashion as well as technology reasons- but hey ho.

I really must say a massive thank you to the clever Lyndsey at www.lyndseymahew.com who knew exactly what I wanted (and what I could work with!!) You have been marvelous.


The new website is much simpler and easier to use. Better for your smartphone and much less faff.

There’s no more Webshop either. We couldn’t keep up with the ever changing stock, colour ranges and discontinuations so, instead, we are sharing all of the colour charts for the brands we stock. 

 What this means is, although we may not have it in for immediate dispatch, you know exactly what’s available from our suppliers and what we can order in especially for you.

We are firm believers in the touchy-feely nature of what we sell. We all know the pleasure of a great wooly squish! And if you can’t get in to our lovely little shop we’re at the end of a phone to explain (in the most passionate and knowledgeable way) what we think might be perfect for you.

The other great change is that I will be able to easily update the blog now. The last blog was when Ted was born (!!!???) and now he looks like this…

I PROMISE I will blog with annoying regularity now: There is so much news to come in the next few weeks. Yay!

Also, if you don’t already, follow us on Instagram. It’s my favorite online community and is full of so much positivity and loveliness it works beautifully for us. We are @woolbath

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Laura x

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