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How Long Does It Take To Make a Jumper?

A very good question. 

A question we get asked a lot in our shop.

It’s like everything in the 21st century: a finite number of hours in our busy busy day means those hours are precious. They must be organized and we must NOT waste them. So, for us lot who are makers, the question “how long will it take to make this quilt/soufflé/crochet blanket?” is super important to how we decide what’s squeeze-in-able.

The answer varies from knitter to knitter, garment to garment.

My latest finished object is the inspiration for this post. It’s a four ply tweed cardi that I started in 2013. 

February 2013. 

That’s over three and a half years ago. And there are still ends to sew in as you can see.

When I chose it, Rowan’s Fine Tweed was a new and exciting addition to the collection; bobbly and tactile, with a colour range to die for. I loved the green and chose the other colours to compliment. 

I took it on the plane to New York and knitted two rows before I realized I’d forgotten the pale pink. So I (foolishly, impatiently) decided to repeat the burgundy in its place and carry on knitting. I simply couldn’t bear the idea of 7 hours on a flight with no wool. This was the beginning of the falling out between me and the cardigan…the outcome was inevitable.

Then, in April, I found out I was Preggo! Joy of joys I was going to be a mama! The thing I’d hoped for and longed for was on its way and, what was to become little Joey, made me fat and happy and very uninterested in knitting (let’s blame the pesky hormones!)

I had the back and half a sleeve finished and, basically, I shoved it in the back of a cupboard. 

So I think I also need to tell you at this point that I had completely fallen out of love with my colour choices. This, added to the fat belly, then the subsequent little person, meant I was happy to forget about the sad little beginnings of a cardi.

Ted followed quickly and the knitting mojo was well and truly comatose. I knew it was always going to return and sure enough, as long as it was garter stitch, the love for the knitting came back at full force.

In January I decided to finish everything half done. This included the dreaded, small-needled, bad-colour-choice, old-fashioned-looking four ply cardi.

While I finished it off I went through all sorts of emotions; nostalgia at the thought of knitting pre kids. Boredom and dislike at the colour choices I’d made. 

But also, slowly, a new respect and appreciation for the beautiful yarn and classic simplicity of the garment I was knitting. 

Wait a sec…. I think I quite like this cardi!

So, here it is. Finished. Loved. The Buttons are  on, a few ends left to hide and I love it again.

The buttons are adorable and I’m all of a sudden so proud of this hand-knitted beaut.

So, in answer to the question, it takes as long as it takes. It can take four weeks; it can take four years. There is a journey each and every garment will take you on and there’s no way of knowing which way your new project will travel. 

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride.


Laura x

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  1. My word you should be SO proud of yourself for finishing this and four ply at that! Its inspired me not to be so hard on myself about UFO’s because all it may take is a different set of lifes circumstances to get going again. Its beautiful – Enjoy!

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