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Wool is hiring 

It’s a lovely thing to open our little family up to adding a newbie. Everybody who comes in loves wool of course. Most of them love Wool too (and if it’s their first time, hopefully they love us by the time they leave!)

But being able to add someone into the mix who is able to come and work with us every week is a real pleasure; especially if that person is as nutty about yarn as we are.

So who is our newbie?

He/she is hopefully a great knitter. Nobody knows everything but a reasonable amount of knitting know-how is really important. There’s a lot of yarn and pattern excitement but there’s also a lot of sorting problems, working out alternatives and deciphering abbreviations. A fair knowledge of crochet is fantastic too.

We don’t expect you to know everything and  hopefully you’ll enjoy learning new stuff as well as sharing your knowledge.

We have a certain way of doing things so an amount of flexibility to fit in with “how we do it” is key. That said we never think things can’t be improved upon so a keenness to keep on getting better, and to share that with us, would be aces.

A successful Wool-y will have to be physically able to stay on their feet all day. It’s pretty full on in the autumn and winter and we walk miles! There are stairs too and a fair bit of lifting and carrying so please take that into consideration. I can, however, promise lots of tea and a fair-few KITKATS!

Wool is a 6 day-a-week business and, although you won’t be asked to work every weekend, a successful candidate will be available for both week and weekend shifts. We don’t open on sundays or bank holidays but Saturdays are a key trading day and you will be asked to work a share of them. 

We hope that the Newbie will have some retail or hospitality experience. At Wool we pride ourselves on super service and a background in customer service is a must. We love feeling the glow beaming off another happy customer and the drive to please is a top attribute for all our team members.

Training will be given of course! But a smiley welcoming face is far more valuable than product info. It’s your personality people feel when they walk into store and its key that you’re as passionate about our customers as we are.

Toby love is also important! This soppy lab is a regular fixture and as much a part of the furniture as the sofa: a tummy rub will be a non-negotiable part of your duties.

Look at that face!!!

So does that sound like you? If so then you might want some more info…

*it’s a temporary contract with a view to permanent after April 2017

*it’s one to two days a week. There are no set days and flexibility is key. All days will be pre-arranged with your agreement well in advance of working.

*we are committed to paying the National Living Wage.

*there are a few perks of the job including a small discount on yarn (yay!) 

If you’d like to apply then please do. We’d love to hear from you. Closing date for applications is 17.09.16

Please email your cv/application to me: or drop it off in-store.

Good luck! X

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