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A Wonderful Wool-y Christmas to all…

I’m a huge fan of Crimble. More so now I have two tinies of my own. The sheer wonder of it all is magnified ten-fold when you see a little face light up. 

At Wool we have gone all out with Christmas in our window thanks to the amazing guys at Wild and Wool ( . Our window has been incredible up to now but the additions of Christmassy mice and snow and snowballs and sparkly decs has pushed it into a whole new stratosphere. It really has to be seen to be believed. If you can come and see it I really recommend you do and if you can’t here’s a glimpse of the stunning little window dudes.

The little mice need a bit of a spotlight too. They are literally about 10cm high so you can imagine how incredible the tiny details really are…

So I think you’ll agree; the best window we’ve ever had! What on earth will we do next year???

On a completely different seasonal note I thought I ought to let you all know our opening times over the Christmas period. We’re only closed for a couple of extra days but just so you know which days (and can plan your visit accordingly…) they are as follows

Christmas Eve 9.30-4.00

Christmas Day CLOSED

Boxing Day CLOSED

Tuesday 27th CLOSED

Wednesday 28th 9.30-5.30

Thursday 29th 9.30-5.30

Friday 30th 9.30-5.30

New Year’s Eve 9.30-4.00

New Year’s Day CLOSED

Monday 2nd CLOSED

and then all back to normal!

In other exciting news 2017 brings us a new member of the team. (I know- there’s six of us now!!!???) I’ll fill you in in early Jan but her name is Catherine and SHE IS ACE! So exciting!

There’s nothing left now but to wish you all a fabulous Christmas surrounded by love and laughter (and maybe some prosecco?) and a healthy and happy New Year.

With loads of love and heartfelt thanks for all your woolly love


Laura and the girls xxxxx

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