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The Big Knit 

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2017 is going swimmingly so far (three weeks in already! How?) That your Christmas knitting was gifted on time and that you’re keeping warm. 

One of my things for 2017 is not going to be losing weight or getting fit or learning to spin (well, we’ll see…)

It’s going to be hats. Mini hats to be precise. Hundreds of them. Fancy helping me?

You’ve probably seen them before, on the bottle tops of the Innocent smoothies, filling up the fridges of various supermarkets. These hats have been appearing in Sainers and Tescos et al since before Wool opened in 2010 but this year we hope it’s going to be the best year for mini hats EVER.

Innocent donate 25p for every hat that’s knitted by us and ends up on a bottle (have a scout on for details) and so far they have raised £1.9m. 

My lovely sissy works for Age UK in Bath (some of you already know this) and she has been helping me get all the kit and caboodle together to make it easy for our little shop to contribute as much as poss. And I’m hoping you might want to help too. 

So you could knit this…..

Which takes about 8 minutes!

Or if you fancy it you can knit some of these beauties…

I have loads of free patterns in store and, of course, theyre available on the Age UK website

I know there are hundreds of great causes out there but if you could spare a few muinutes and some scraps of DK you could make an impact on people on our own doorstep.

Please feel free to drop any hats to me and the gang at the shop or to my beautiful sis in the Age UK offices on Kingsmead Square in Bath.

A huge Thank You in advance for any mini hats that wend their way to us- you are fantastic 

Loads of love

Laura (and Jemma!) xx

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