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Will you look at this place? I feel so so excited to tell you I’m heading here in a couple of weeks time. This is in the Var in Provence and it’s the first time I’ve been abroad since my honeymoon in 2013. It’s also the first time my kiddos have been on a plane so, who knows how it’s going to go (*comes back down to reality a bit*)

But whatever happens this place is breathtaking and I can’t wait to get there.

The house/dog/cat sitter is all organized, I’ve bought my straw hat and I’ve changed up my Euros so all that’s left is for me to let you know how the shop will be running while I’m away.

My wonderful team will be holding the fort while I’m En Vacances. Fran, Bex and Catherine will be here every day for all your wooly needs BUT… we will be closed for the two Mondays that I’m away. So, on Monday 4th and Monday 11th June the shop will be closed all day. I’m hoping this won’t cause you all too many probs and that you’ll still be able to get anything you need.

If you have any special orders (especially Rowan which we tend to order weekly) please let us know before the 2nd June so I can make sure it’s here for you. We won’t order again until I’m back so it’s worth getting your orders in Lickety-split to avoid disappointment.

(Also I feel it fair to clarify that, although Toby isn’t coming to France, he won’t be working in the shop either. Our house sitter is My FIL and he will be lounging with both the furbabies in the garden.)

So I’m off to tricoter my little socks off and consume as much cheese, bread, pastry and vin rouge as my body can handle.

Do give me a call if you have anything you need and call the team while I’m away if you need any clarification. The shop number (for ease) is 01225 469144 and, although I will pick up my messages only sporadically, you can also email me on

Loss of love to you all mes amies

(I really need to practice eh?)



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