How are you doing? Its a weird time to be alive but, if you’re like me, you still need more yarn sooooo here are our plans for reopening on 1st August…

Below I have set out the policies and procedures for the current Covid times and how we plan to keep you safe while you enjoy a mooch in store.

1, As you know face masks are compulsory here in the UK if you want to enter any shops and, here at WOOL, it will be a non-negotiable part of shopping. If, for whatever reason, you can’t wear a mask we are able to serve you at the door quite easily- just let us know! We will be wearing clear face shields so that you can see our mouths and expressions which should make it a lot easier to communicate.

2, There will be lovely, sweet smelling hand-sanitiser by the front door and we will ask you to use a pump before you touch anything. if you’d rather not use it we have gloves that you can keep for squishing. We have some hand-moisturiser you can use too- we know that hand washing and sanitiser use can be very drying! If you touch anything without clean hands we will need to quarantine for 3 days (which is a bit of a pain) so please slap that handgel all over.

3, We would like to keep the number of customers to a maximum of two in store at any one time. If you’ve ever been in our shop you know it’s a titchy ball of cuteness so keeping two metres apart is tricky. If we can keep to two customers (as well as staff) we think we can keep everyone at a safe distance. We have floor stickers and arrows to help you travel in one direction which should help.

If you are able to leave family outside- unless you need their opinion and expertise- that would really aid distancing. We will leave a couple of chairs outside (socially distanced obvs) for family members/friends who would normally sit at the table inside. If you are shopping with kiddos please keep them close to you so you become one unit while browsing.

4, If you need to return or exchange something please return it in a bag that we can keep so that we can quarantine it. We will keep it for three days before we put it back out for sale. All our normal refund and exchange policies are unchanged.

5, We will be cleaning all surfaces before opening and at regular intervals throughout the day. This includes door handles, PIN machines, table tops and work surfaces. Hopefully this will help you relax and really enjoy your time in store.

6, We will continue to trade without cash where possible. Please pay by card if you can.

I feel I should clarify that I am more keen to stick to safety precautions as I am someone who has been deemed clinically vulnerable. In the simplest terms this means that I am very likely to become hospitalised if I catch this virus. Because of this I will be super cautious and careful while trying to open up the business to you, my gorgeous customers. I think that the measures we have in place should keep us all safe and I am confident that if we stick to these guidelines we will be as protected as possible during this craziness.

Anyway this all feels very serious so lets talk about dogs, ice cream, yarn etc and think about all the donkeys we would rescue if we won the lottery …

REALLY really looking forward to seeing you in store soon!

Take good care Friends



PS check out the website if you’re staying home!