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Red Chima stitch marker sets

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These beautiful handmade stitch markers are one-of-a-kind additions to your knitting tool collection. 

They are as unique as they are stunning with a combination of beads, crystals and charms. 

Each set of stitch markers comes on a branded card mount so they are a great gift for the knitter or crocheter in your life. 

Some markers have a fixed  loop and some have a locking loop 

All RED CHIMA stitch markers are lovingly hand made in Bath, UK 


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purple flower (locking), god star (locking), pearly pink (locking), metal stars (locking), purple bauble (locking), Ice blue (ring), petrol slim bead (ring), rainbow beads (locking), silver stars (locking and ring), turquoise flower (locking and ring), aubergine beads (ring), purple beads (locking and ring)


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